Nick + Amy family portraits

This family is one of my favorite families on Earth! Amy is the best friend a girl could ask for and her handsome husband, Nick have made two incredible little boys.  Big brother Tyler and little squirt Zach are two of the cutest little boys possible.  And I was thrilled to be able to spend an afternoon with them.

Amy 1

Look at those beautiful baby blues!!

Amy 2I just love hearing the words “Auntie Kara” from Ty!  He has so much excitement and pure joy!

Amy 3Another one of my favorites! Thanks Uncle Dale for letting us use your farm!

Amy 4Thanks again Nick and Amy!!


Chris and Mel family portraits

A warm and beautiful fall day presented itself as the perfect opportunity to shoot some pictures for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Chris and Mel, and their beautiful little ladies, Annaliese and Elizabeth.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather!

mel 1Annaliese had her own idea of what we were going to do for the day, but either way I was happy to get to spend some time with a great family!

mel 2There’s a smile!!!

mel 3

Alex’s Senior portraits

Not only did we have a great day of sun, but we got to explore the new park outside of Albany.  Alex’s mom, stepdad, and little sister came along for the fun!  They were great sports and we had a fabulous time bumming around town finding cool spots to hit.

Alex 1Alex 2Alex 3Alex 4and finally, one of my favorites!! Alex is a super athlete in Albany and football is a sport that he makes his town proud!  We ended up spending some time at the football stadium.  This last shot is my favorite!  Good luck with the rest of your senior year Alex! I had a great time working with you and your family!

Alex 5

Brooke’s senior portraits

Brooke’s day was gorgeous! It was sunny and beautiful which gave us hours of great shooting time.  Shooting on the family farm meant a beautiful natural backdrop so all that was left was capturing the moments!  Travis came along for awhile and added to the fun… but overall the true MVP of the day was Brooke!

brooke 1The farm had a lot of great old buildings that we took advantage of as well as lots of corn!!

brooke 2Down the road from the farm we found a field with the most green grass ever!!!

brooke 3The revival of the WeFest hat!!

brooke 4Congratulations Brooke!!! Your are a talented, smart, and beautiful woman! I wish you the best for the future!

brooke 5